New for 2020! Develop a 2020 Vision Board with your Guides and Angels

You've seen vision boards, right? 

A vision board is a tool to plan out your goals and areas of focus,        so you know you're on track for success, fulfillment and joy.

But did you ever think you could develop a vision board 

with your Spirit Guides, Angels and your Higher Self? With all of their wisdom about your soul's purpose, dreams and gifts?

Now you can, through hypnotherapy/regression.

Just book a Life Between Lives Regression session with Wild Sage Healing Arts, and watch the magic unfold. 


Services, Trainings & Events

Shamanic Energy Healing & Reiki


Energy healing, clearing and rituals using proven ancient techniques

Energy healing & Reiki in pregnancy

Psychic Readings & African Divination


Wisdom from your Guides & Angels

Communication with Loved Ones  on the Other Side

African cowrie shell divination

Hypnotherapy & Regression


Hypnotherapy to free yourself from unwanted thought and behaviors

Past Life Regression

Life Between Lives Regression 

Energy Clearing & Blessing of Spaces


Energy clearing and blessing of land before, during & after development

Clearing and blessing of homes

Individual sessions & group rituals

End of Life Support (Death Doula)


Safe, gentle energy healing and spiritual support to people before, during and after transition and their loved ones and caregivers

Trainings in Psychic Development & Reiki


Lighten Up! Intuitive training

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki training 

Individual & small group coaching

Training - MoonRise Shamanic Immersion (Feb-Dec 2020)


Immersion course in shamanic wisdom and practices for women 

Starting February 2020

New Event for 2020! Illuminating the African Mysteries (2/27/20)


A night of African Divination, Healing, and Ancestral Connection with Shamans Seun Mendes and Ellen Mathys

New for 2020! Intuitive Development Groups for Kids & Teens


Social and learning groups for kids and teens who are sensitive to energy and spiritual phenomena

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