Welcome to a space for energetic healing, spiritual discovery, 

powerful transformation, and joy

Sessions with Wild Sage

Energy healing, communication with Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit,

hypnosis, past life regression, sacred ceremony, cowrie shell divination, energy clearings, and coaching

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Workshops and Events

Trainings and workshops on Reiki and Shamanic Reiki, Psychic Communication and Mediumship, Shamanism, and other intuitive and healing modalities

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About Ellen


Supporting you to step fully onto your path

Ellen blends transformative Shamanic Energy Healing and Reiki techniques, her ancestral heritage of intuitive communication and wisdom, accredited hypnosis and past life regression techniques, and sacred ceremonies, to empower you to heal, transform, and bring your own gifts and medicine into the world. Her confidential, inclusive and empowering approach accepts you where you are, connects you with your Angels and Guides, and helps you remember your truth and divine gifts. 

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