Ellen is a highly gifted shamanic healer. I have enjoyed many of her services over the years, and I very grateful for the work with Past Life Regression. She was able to put me quickly at ease, so that my ‘thinking’ mind got out of the way, and my subconscious became more accessible. The regressions that she has done have lead to surprising changes and shifts with my wellbeing and in my life, including with handling conflict resolution, and having deeper connections with loved ones. I look forward to more sessions to see what else can be healed. Kate D., OTR/L, Atlanta, GA

My Past Life and Life between Lives regressions were a real treat. They gave me a key to heal emotionally in this present incarnation. Ellen has a wonderful ability to let the work flow in the most protected of spaces.  Karen T., Atlanta, GA

Anonymous feedback from workshop evaluations: 

"I loved the intimate group setting and Ellen's straight to the point teaching. I felt supported and heard, and I appreciated the level of trust among the group. The Reiki symbols really brought the Reiki energy into full focus for me, and I instantly felt their power and effectiveness."

"What an amazing class! You and your work are blessings. Thank you!"

"I especially loved the meditations, and the hands on practice."

Ellen’s Holy Fire Reiki Master class was phenomenal! She stayed on point and allowed enough time for practicing our new skills. I was blessed to have the best classmates, with beautiful gifts that allowed healing at a deep level. Her ability to address each of our styles, in the work, was amazing.  I could not have a higher recommendation of a teacher. Karen T, Deer Heart with Raven Wings, Atlanta, GA

Ellen's mediumship training was amazing! I did a one-on-one 4 hour training. I had never done a reading before and did my first one 2 days after training with Ellen! I have done 7 more since then. Thank you Ellen, doing this is amazing!   J. Anaya, Atlanta, GA

The path to spirituality is exciting and rewarding. This path can also be challenging. Ellen has helped me navigate this path with caring and understanding. You can tell she puts a lot of love and respect into her work. I'm honored to have such a great mentor. Ellen is an authentic Shaman with a pure spirit! Thank you Ellen.  Dani M., Atlanta, GA

I love Ellen's approach to intuition. I found the Lighten Up class fun and accessible.   She does a great job balancing the theoretical with hands on practice.  It's great for anyone interested in learning more, whether you are new to spirituality or have studied for years.   I can't wait for the next class!  Michelle K., Decatur, GA   

Ellen’s workshop was awesome, and I was shocked at the level of energy and Spirit there! The way we did energy readings on each other on the Reiki table added a lot to the experience and added to the bonding of the group. I was blown away by the reading portion of the workshop, when participants were tuned in and getting excellent information, even though they were so new to intuitive readings.   Travis C., Decatur, GA   

Ellen's Developing your Intuitive Abilities class is fun, uplifting, inspires and quickens your spiritual and personal growth, and enriches all areas of your life.  You learn to access fresh, new intuitive information, including from broader expressions of Spirit. And yes, that includes communicating with your God, your Source.  I would recommend this course to anyone with is willing to open their heart, to go within and listen.  Ellen taught me that we are all intuitive.  Trust ourselves, ask questions, listen and feel the answers.  She reminds us all of what we can achieve.  Amy M., Decatur, GA   

Ellen was awesome and really helped me get my elderly dog back on track. Her gifts in the area of reiki gave my dog her freedom back! She also provided wonderful confirmation through her mediumship.  Sheri F., Atlanta, GA    

Ellen is amazing and a truly gifted healer! She has been helping me work through the fear and trauma that I had experienced during my first birthing experience, while making me feel safe and nurtured as I journey through my second pregnancy. She has such a calm and kind energy that I trust her completely as I work through my healing process. The sessions have been so amazing, I feel so much more confident in my abilities as a mother and it has deepened my relationship with my unborn child. I am forever grateful for her service!   Ashley C., Decatur, GA   

I have had a lot of intuitive readings.  I love them.  I always find the intuitive process fun and insightful.  Ellen's reading was quite unique and the most helpful reading I have had done. She zeroed in on my energy and helped me discover a step that might open exciting new doors.  I can't even describe how "on" it was.  She tapped into thoughts I have had for years yet never considered following.  As soon as she started to talk, I felt this overwhelming "of course".  It was like she stepped in, moved a big plant out of the way, and said "look over there". Personally, I want to live my life, not have someone predict it for me.  But in life we all have blind spots.  Having someone help us see what's just out of our sight can be life changing...and so much fun!  Michelle K., Decatur, GA   

I had the pleasure of working with Ellen in a group gallery reading that she led and also in attending her intuitive abilities workshop.  Ellen's readings are accurate, easygoing, and fun - a great way to share an evening with family and/or friends while gaining some insight into areas of interest for you.  Her intuitive abilities workshop is a wonderful education in manifesting and maintaining the energy inside all of us.  It was informative and accessible both for those who are curious and for those who may have had previous experiences elsewhere.  And Ellen's shining, relaxed manner keeps the workshop lighthearted and illuminating at the same time. Meg B., Atlanta, GA